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Uses of Main Ingredients

ANISEED: Mild Expectorant; Antiseptic; Stimulating; Carminative; Used in Flatulent colic.

BLACK PEPPER: Effective cure for dyspepsia, malaria, delirium, tremors, haemorrhoids, aphrodisiac, Aids digestion; Improves the appetite; Anti-bacterial.

BISHOP WEED: Reduce stomach disorders; useful in flatulence, diarrhoea, cholera.

CHAMOMILE FLOWER: It is soothing and calming; Relieves bodily tension, anxiety; Encourages a good night's sleep.

CINNAMON: Aromatic, astringent; Checks nausea and vomiting; Strengthens the heart; Stimulates kidneys and aids circulation. Good appetizer.

CLOVES: Warming; Aromatic, Astringent, Stimulant & Carminative. Used in Flatulence & Dyspepsia.

CORRIANDER: Acts as tonic, Stomachic, Antibilious, Aphrodisiac; used to correct Foul Breath.

CUMIN: Stimulant, Carminative, Stomachic, Astringent & useful in Diarrhoea & Dyspepsia; Digestive ; Purifies the blood.

FENNAL: Aromatic,Useful in diseases of chest, spleen & kidney.

FENUGREEK: Reduces fever, Stimulates digestive process & metabolism, dropsy, dysentery, diabetes, enlargement of lever & chronic cough

GINGER: Carminative, Stimulant and given in dyspepsia and flatulent colic; Aphrodisiac

GREEN CARDAMOM: A cardiac stimulant; Refreshes the breath and soothes .

LEMON GRASS: Reduce fevers; Stomach cramps; Flatulence and colic; Easing arthritic pain; general digestive aid.

LIQUORICE: Control respiratory problems and sore throat; Alleviate ulcers, heartburn, indigestion, and inflammatory bowel problems.

MINT: Stomach discomforts; Headaches, Refreshing and Invigorating.

NUTMEG: Carminative, Astringent, Relives diarrhea and colic, Aphrodisiac

PEPPER LONG: Good for diseases of respiratory tract, viz. Cough, Bronchitis, Asthma; Sedative in insomnia andepilepsy.

ROSE PETALS: Gives cooling effect, Stress, Nervous tension, peptic ulcers, mild sore throat.

SAFFRON: Known as a Stimulant, Aphrodisiac, Warm & Dry in action, Helping in Urinary, Digestive and Uterine troubles.

TURMERIC: Blood purifier, Antiseptic, Useful in treating gall stones & gall complaints.

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